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The death of Hadhrat Jesusas in Islamic Christology is a complex and controversial subject. In some Islamic circles, the crucifixion of Hadhrat Jesusas was denied altogether. Instead, according to some Muslim scholars, Allah miraculously transformed a disciple of Hadhrat Jesusas into the physical image of Hadhrat Jesusas, and the Jews crucified the disciple, thinking him to be Hadhrat Jesusas. This concept may be called the "Substitution theory." Hadhrat Jesusas, having been saved from such suffering and death, ascended to God in Heaven.
As mentioned in the previous articles, the substitution theory and eventual physical ascension of Hadhrat Jesusas is not substantiated by the Quran and Hadith. Rather, the Quran and Hadith is clear that Hadhrat Jesusas died a natural death. However, the theory of substitution has figured prominently in Islamic tafsir literature. The purpose of this final part is to explain how the substitution theory was introduced into Islam. I will show tha…