9 April 2013

About BBC Documentary Did Jesus Die?

 Romans crucified messiahs and if Jesus as survived, what was he to do?  Christian theology solves this issue by miraculously saying he was bodily taken into Heaven,but the original texts are even more unclear about this issue than they are about the resurrection.......

Did Jesus as  die on the cross?  This is the question that the 2007 BBC Documentary Did Jesus Die? seeks to resolve.This short documentary that is available in three parts on YouTube presses Christian theology on tough issues and  resents a possible  l o g i c a l e x p l a n a t i o n   t h a t   r e s u l t s   f r o m   t h e canonical texts when examined from a   h i s t o r i c a l   v a n t a g e   p o i n t .With expert opinions from world-renowned r e l i g i o u s   a n d   historical studies scholars from Oxford  University,Princeton University, and the University of North Carolina, this documentary pieces together a possible explanation of the life of Jesus Christ as .The following covers the main points of the documentary.In Christianity, Jesus Christ’s resurrection serves as the basis of the faith.  To question this idea is heretical.  In recent years, however, more and more scholars and theologians within t he Christian tradition are beginning to doubt the accuracy of the Gospels and the very idea that Jesus as ascended  to Heaven .The difficulty these scholars face is in trying to create a cohesive narrative from the Gospels.The scholars agree that history shows that only the most horrible crimes were punished by crucifixion.Nails are hammered into the hands and feet; however, it is not from the pain or wounds that the crucified die,but from suffocation.  The immense strain on the legs makes it impossible for one to breathe after days of exhaustion.  To quicken the process, the legs are often broken.  However, all of the Gospels agree that Jesus as was placed on the cross for between three a n d s i x hours and as presumed dead at the end of that time period.  Unlike the two men who were crucified with Jesus as , Jesus’ legs were not broken; he was presumed
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