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The Lost Tribes of Israel

The three most important world religions -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam -- have a deep though conflicting interest and involvement in Jesus. Among them, the three religions claim adherents who account for a vast majority of the world population. The present conference is designed to focus world attention on a matter of great importance so that the controversy around the person of Jesus is resolved and all seekers after truth are enable to shed their wrong beliefs. It certainly is an invitation to each one of us to reflect deeply on the matter, weigh objectively the evidence and historical proof now available, and acknowledge the truth even if it should be in conflict with our present beliefs.The enigma surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus and his post-crucifixion life among the lost tribes of Israel was first untangled through Divine guidance by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, in his book "Jesus in India" which was written as far back as 1899. The evide…