OINTMENT OF JESUS (Aloe and Myrrh)

After the crucifixion, the body of Jesus came into the hands of his disciples Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus

The Gospel of John records that Nicodemus brought myrrh and aloes 'about a seventy-five pounds in weight' (John 19:39). These plants, particularly aloe plants, are considered medicinal and applied to wounds. It was used extensively in many ancient cultures is used even today to soothe open wounds. The Roman physician Pedanius Dioscrorides (c 75 B.C) recommended aloe for wounds and skin conditions. Alexander the Great's mentor, Aristotle, persuaded him to capture the island of Socotra to harvest the aloe plants for treating wounded soldiers.

Interestingly, the medieval near eastern classic textbook of medicine entitled Canon of Medicine by Avicenna mentioned an ointment termed Marhami Isa (Ointment of Jesus).

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  2. Your article is very interesting but short. I wasn't able to find a recipe although some authors claim that there are "thousands" of books in all the languages to report it. Do you have it? Will you publish it. I have Aloe Vera and Mirrh in my garden but suppose it's not all.

  3. Very nice and interesting but too short. Although some authors claim ther the recipe can be found in more then 1'000 books, I wasn't able to trace a single one. I have Aloe Vera and Mirrh in my garden so I could experiment but without the full recipe it'd be a long way to anything close to the Ointment of Jesus. Do you have a full recipe? Would you pass it to me?

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