9 June 2012


Numerous non-Ahmadi Muslim scholars correctly translate the Quranic verses 5.116-118 as follows: "Jesus son of Mary will answer...'I was a witness over them so long as I remained among them; and when Thou didst cause me to die, You were Yourself the Watcher over them.' " In light of these verses, do any of you still insist Jesus a.s. is still alive and/or that he will one day return to Earth and if so how is this possible? 

Non Ahmadi Muslim Brother's Response:
'problem here is that you translate tawafee as death in reality there are number of places even in ahmedi translation where it is translated as take away (completely) see quran 39;42 and 6;60 where your own translators translated tawafee as take instead of death.'

Ahmadi Muslim Viewpoint
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Brother, your response is based on the allegation Ahmadi Muslims have mistranslated the word 'tawaffi,' so I will take this as the starting point. 

Meaning of the word tawaffi according to The Holy Qu'ran
My brother, it is not just Ahmadi Muslims who translate ‘tawaffi’ as death. Many non-Ahmadi Muslim translations of The Holy Qu’ran take ‘tawaffi’ to mean the same thing as shown in the non-Ahmadi Muslim translation of the verse in question below:  
I did not say to them aught save what Thou didst enjoin me with: That serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord, and I was a witness of them so long as I was among them, but when Thou didst cause me to die (tawaffi), Thou wert the watcher over them, and Thou art witness of all things. (The Holy Qu'ran 5:117/118, Shakir translation)
Also, even in the examples of verses you have given, although the word 'tawaffi' has been translated as ‘take away,’ both Ahmadi Muslim and non-Ahmadi Muslim translators agree that the verses under discussion are about the subject of death rather than physically flying to heaven as seen in the non-Ahmadi examples of translations below: 
God will receive their souls when they die. (The Holy Qu’ran 39:42 Sarwar translation- we looked in 6 non-Ahmadi translations and each of them translated this verse in this way and the Ahmadi translations also discuss ‘the end of life’ in their translations)
It is He who keeps you alive in your sleep at night and knows all that you do during the day. He wakes you up from your sleep to complete your worldly life, after which you will all return to Him. (The Holy Qu’ran 6:60, Sarwar Translation)
Actually my brother, the word ‘tawaffi’ has been used twenty four times in the Holy Quran (2.235, 2.241, 3.194, 4.16, 4.98, 6.61, 6.62, 7.38, 7.127, 13.41, 10.47, 10.105, 12.102, 16.33, 16.71, 22.6, 32.12, 39.43, 40.68, 40.78, 47.28 using the reference scheme which counts 'In the name of Allah' as the first verse of every chapter). In all cases tawaffi simply means 'death', except when it is used in conjunction with the qualifier 'night', in which case it means 'sleep'. In all cases it applies to a person's soul and not to the body, and there is no exception to this in the entire compendium of Arabic literature, past or present. 

Meaning of tawaffi according to ahadith
Ibne-Abbas narrates that the Holy Prophet said: “On the Day of Judgement I will see some people from among my companions being taken to the Left. Upon seeing them I will say, ‘my companions! my companions!’. I will be told that when I parted from them they turned back on their heels. At that point I will say the same thing that the righteous (Jesus, son of Mary) had said: that while I was among them I watched over them but once You caused me to die (tawaffi) it was You alone who watched over them.” (Bukhari Kitab-ul-Anbiya, commentary on Al-Maida)
This hadith shows that the nature of tawaffi of Jesus is the same as the nature of tawaffi of the Holy Prophet. If that was not the case, Holy Prophet would not have said: I will say what Jesus had said. It is noteworthy that the Holy Prophet uses the same word and uses it in the exact same context. Furthermore, Imam Bukhari quotes Ibn-e-Abbas saying tawaffi means death. (Bukhari Kitab-ut-Tafseer under Maidah verse 117/118). Note this statement from Ibn-e-Abbas is in relation to this particular verse and is taken from one of the most trusted sources of Islam. 

Meaning of tawaffi according to the Funeral prayer 
The same word is used in Islamic Funeral Prayer, where it is said: 'Cause us to die (tawaffi) in the state of submission'. 

Meaning of tawaffi according to Arabic dictionaries
The Most Popular Arabic dictionaries including: Assas-ul-Balagha, Qamoos, Taj-ul-Uroos, Lisaan-ul-Arab, Sihah-e-Johri, Farhang-e-Asaphia all agree that Tawaffi means death. 

This verse talks of two distinct phases of Jesus’ existence in relation to his people: one in which he was among them and the other when he was no longer among them. The boundary between these two phases is defined by the Arabic word tawaffiAccording to this verse, Jesus is keen to point out that the Christian belief in his divinity was not in existence as long as he was among his people, it only took root after Allah had caused tawaffi to him. The only reasonable conclusion that may be drawn from this verse is that as Jesus has died he has been and will remain unable to prevent his people from following the false doctrine of his being the son of God and does not know what his people did after he died (as he will never return to Earth) . 

A member of our team called Fireball has sent us some further verses of The Holy Qu'ran which clearly indicate the death of Jesus a.s. Once again, we present translations by non-Ahmadi Muslim scholars of those same verses below:
And those whom they call on besides Allah have not created anything while they are themselves created; Dead (are they), not living. (The Holy Qu'ran 26:20-22)
Meaning: This verse says that the gods that have been taken by man are all dead. Jesus was taken as a god by the Christians and therefore by the time this verse was revealed he must have been dead.
There is for you in the earth an abode and a provision for a time. Therein shall you live, and therein shall you die, and from it shall you be raised. (The Holy Qu'ran 7:24-26)
Human beings are all to spend their lives living on earth. Jesus a.s. was a human being and therefore according to this verse lived and died on earth.   
And they say: We will by no means believe in you until you cause a fountain to gush forth from the earth for us. Or you should have a garden of palms and grapes in the midst of which you should cause rivers to flow forth, gushing out. Or you should cause the heaven to come down upon us in pieces as you think, or bring Allah and the angels face to face (with us). Or you should have a house of gold, or you should ascend into heaven, and we will not believe in your ascending until you bring down to us a book which we may read. Say: Glory be to my Lord; am I aught but a mortal messenger? (The Holy Qu'ran 17:90-94)
The Holy Prophet s.a.w. is told to say in these veses that no mortal is able to ascend bodily to heaven.  Jesus a.s. if anything was a lesser mortal to The Holy Prophet s.a.w. and therefore he to is unable to ascend bodily to heaven.
Thus, GOD said, "O Jesus, I am terminating your life, raising you to Me (The Holy Qu'ran 3:55/56)
The Holy Qu'ran says Jesus has already had his life terminated and been caused to die by God.  
The Messiah, son of Mary, is no more than a messenger like the messengers before him, and his mother was a saint. Both of them used to eat the food. (The Holy Qu'ran 5:75/76)
Jesus a.s. used to eat food. The Qu'ran has said he no longer eats food. Nor does it say that at any future point will he once again eat food. Therefore, as all humans must eat food to survive, he must have passed away.  
And Muhammad is no more than a messenger; the messengers have already passed away before him (The Holy Qu'ran 3:144/145) 
Here The Holy Qu'ran tells us that the messengers who came before Muhammad s.a.w. have passed away. This includes Jesus a.s. and so according to the Holy Qu'ran he has passed away and died.
Whomever we permit to live for a long time, we revert him to weakness. (The Holy Qu'ran 36:68/69)
Consider it has been over 2000 years since Jesus a.s. was born. In light of this verse which mentions the fact that humans get weaker and weaker the longer they live, how weak and. God forbid, useless must a 2000 year old Jesus a.s. be? What would be the purpose of torturing him by keeping him alive so and sending this frail creature back to earth after such a long period?

The Hulk has recommended that those who have further interest should visit the sitedeathofjesus.blogspot.com which presents evidence on this issue in English, Urdu and Arabic. 
*This blog is completely unofficial and in no way represents Islam Ahmadiyya or the views of anyone except the author themself.*


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  2. Interesting as this may sound,I read through all this without finding a single evidence to support the arguments for ahmadi or non-ahmadi muslims on their beliefs about what actually happened to Jesus. The most authentic accounts of the life of Jesus were written in the Gospels by those who lived during the same period that he walked on the earth. Those are the biographies of Jesus-written in the first Century, within 30 years of his death. Two of the Gospel accounts (Matthew and John) were written by His disciples and the other two are Mark and Luke. Mark was a companion of Simon Peter while Luke was a historian. In fact, it was Luke who chronicled the formation of the Church. Why should we trust a source (the Qu'ran) that was written at least 600 years after the events happened. Mohammed claimed to have received the Qu'ran in a revelation given to him by Angel Gabriel in the cave Hira near Mecca. Contrast that with the Bible that was written by 40 men over a period of 1,600 years on three continents and yet a thread of consistency runs through it. Most of the prophesies of the Bible, including that of Jesus have been fulfilled and several other are being fulfilled before our very eyes. The Bible is a book for all ages, and times and peoples, and generations. It is a message to all the nations of the world. It is a living book, the Holy word of the only True God. Read it now, though it was written thousands of years ago, it will sound as if it was written today. The Qu'ran is an imposter meant to distort the message of the True God. Don't be deceived, take time and read the Bible for yourself and you will encounter God. He himself will open your eyes and teach you his ways. He will give you peace that passes all understanding. The Qu'ran cannot give you that. I am telling you because I am a witness of God's amazing presence in the Bible.


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